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NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Architectural Review and <br />Planning Board of the Town of Gulf Stream will hold a Public <br />Hearing on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2018 AT 8:30 A.M., and the Town <br />Commission will hold a Public Hearing on FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018 AT <br />9:00 A.M., both in the William F. Koch, Jr. Commission Chambers of <br />the Town Hall, 100 Sea Road, Gulf Stream, Florida, at which the <br />following will be considered: <br />An application submitted by Carlos Linares of Randall Stofft <br />Architects, as agent for Patrick Thomas, owner of Property located <br />at 2943 Polo Drive, Gulf Stream, Florida 33483, legally described <br />as Lot 13, Replat of Part of Gulf Stream Properties, According to <br />the map of plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 18, Page 98, <br />Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida. <br />A. Land Clearing Permit to clear land for additions. <br />B. Special Exception #1 to extend a non -conforming wall. <br />C. Special Exception #2 to permit an additional 240 sq. ft. <br />of covered, unenclosed floor area that exceeds the maximum <br />FAR of 5,535 sq. ft. <br />D. Level 3 Architectural/Site Plan Review to permit additions <br />of 1,529 sq. ft. to the first floor, the addition of a <br />second story consisting of 1,748 sq. ft. and a 328 sq. ft. <br />one car garage to an existing single story, Gulf Stream <br />Bermuda style, single family dwelling. <br />The Architectural Review and Planning Board shall make a <br />recommendation to the Town Commission, and the Town Commission <br />shall make a final decision regarding the subject application at <br />the meetings noticed above. These meetings may be adjourned from <br />time to time and place to place as may be necessary to hear all <br />parties and evidence. <br />The complete application materials are on file in the Office <br />of the Town Clerk located at 100 Sea Road, Gulf Stream, Florida <br />33483, and may be reviewed during regular business hours, which <br />generally include non -holiday weekdays from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. <br />ALL PARTIES INTERESTED IN THESE MATTERS may appear before the <br />Architectural Review and Planning Board and the Town Commission of <br />the Town of Gulf Stream at the times and place aforesaid and be <br />heard. <br />SHOULD ANY INTERESTED PARTY SEEK TO APPEAL ANY DECISION MADE BY <br />THE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW AND PLANNING BOARD OR THE TOWN COMMISSION <br />WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THESE PUBLIC HEARINGS, <br />SAID PARTY WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS, AND FOR SUCH <br />PURPOSE, MAY NEED TO INSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE <br />PROCEEDINGS IS MADE, WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE TESTIMONY AND <br />EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. 286.0105, F.S.S. <br />Dated: March 31, 2018 <br />TOWN OF GULF STREAM <br />��n <br />Rita L. Taylor <br />Town Clerk <br />