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r <br />SBCCI PUBLIC SAFETY TESTING AND EVALUATION SERVICES INC. <br />900 Montrjair Road. Suhn A <br />BLTniNhalhm, Alabama 35213-1206 <br />Evaluation Reports an the opinion of the Caninittas on Evaluation, basad on the findings, and do riot <br />constitute or imply an approval or acceptance by any local community. The Committee. in review of the data <br />submitted, finds that h their opinion the product, material, system, or method of construction specifically <br />Wentifiad in this report conforms with or Is a suitable dtsmats to that specified in the Standard Codes, <br />SUBJECT TO THE UMMATIONS IN THIS REPORT. <br />The Canvnittu on Evaluation has reviewed the data <br />submitted for compliance with the Steward i`TU1l*v Caafr! <br />the SBCL7 Standard /or HrrniCane RasiWanf Rasldenflal <br />Cc+uaz+cdon a SSTD10-93 and the CABO One and Two <br />Farcy OweBng Coda and wbrnftr to the Buliding Official or <br />other authodty having Jurisdletlon the (dowing report. The <br />CormrnM on Evdusdon. SBCCI PST i ESI and Its staff we <br />not responsible for any entre or omJsslens to any <br />doarments, cWculadens, drawings, spechicedona. teats or <br />summaries prepared rd submitted by the design <br />profaasbnal or praperer of retrad that we listed In the <br />Substantiating Data Section of tUs rapat. <br />Copyrighted a 1996 SEICC1 PST i F_V <br />REPORT NO.: 9624 <br />EXPIRES: See current SBCCI PST dm ESI EVALUATION <br />REPORT LISTING r {±s.1 <br />CATEGORY: WwDOWS AND DOOR4,NAL IILAGRT <br />SUBMITTED By: <br />AMARR GARAGE DOORS <br />5931 GRASSY CREEK BLVD. <br />WINSTON-SALEM. NORTH CAROLINA 27105 <br />1. PRODUCT TRADE NAME <br />Amarr Garage Dears: <br />1.1 Stratford', Modal 800 <br />1.2 Heritage Ill', Model 950 <br />1.3 WeatherGuard', Modal 1500 <br />2- SCOPE OF EVALUATION <br />Structural - Transverse Wind Loads <br />3. USES <br />4. DESCRIPTION <br />4.1 GanarM <br />Aman Steel Garage doors are constructed of galvanize -- <br />steel textured with woad grain embossing rods or smoom <br />rolls. The steel panels COmpty with ASTM A 853 <br />galvanized G 40, with a minimum yield strength of 12.000 <br />psi and ultimate tens3e strength of 42,000 psi. The seal u <br />galvanized, primed, and coated with a baked -on polyester <br />finish. The doom aro reinforced with mat shaped galvanuzea <br />steel strut sections or CEE Channel stem installed <br />horizontally on the back side of the doors. The doors were <br />Iced tested to establish specified allowable transverse wine <br />bads. See Table 1 for allowable loads. <br />3' x 20 Ga Strut: Hat shaped section 3 inches deco <br />fabricated from 0.038 inch trick minimum steel, ASTM E <br />415, galvanized ASTM A 653, G 40, n**rxan yield strength <br />of 41,322 psi and ultimata tensile strength at 49,132 psi. <br />CEE Channel Strut CEE Channel 4' x 2-1/2' s 16 Gauge <br />fabricated from 0.053 inch thick steel, ASTM E 415. <br />galvanized ASTM A 653 G 40, minimum yield strength of <br />50.000 psi and ultimate tensile strength of 68,000 psi. <br />4.2 Models <br />4.2.1 Stradord' , Modal 600: 25 Gauge residential raised <br />panel door. Avail" with optional insulation and windows. <br />421 Heritage If , Modal 950: 24 gauge residential raiseo <br />panel. Ava+labla with optional in tion and windows. <br />4Z3 WeathwGurd', Modal 1500: 1-3/8 inch this <br />panels with polystyrene insulation core with 27 ga steer <br />skins. Available with optional windows. <br />4.3 Wind Loads <br />Amara Garage Doors were subjected to transverse Idad <br />Amarr Garage Doors are used as garage doors with sped fleAting AS,TM.E e3 • aotr <br />le arsversa wind <br />allowable wind pressures. B 41oOz are gwen ,n a e q <br />REPORT NO. 9623 <br />PAGE 1 OF 3 <br />